THEO FLORAL 是一間高級客製花藝設計公司。

花藝師Theodore 認為鮮花本身是極具感染力的素材,所以花藝是傳達情感的最佳媒介。
藉著聆聽每位朋友的細膩故事,配上風格清新脫俗的Theo’s Style,把一個又一個傳奇故事以花藝呈現各位眼前,讓人一生難忘。

Theo’s Style 強調空間與層次上的精湛配置,並以上天賦予Theo對色彩運用的強烈觸覺,讓每個花藝作品都散發着讓人心動的魅力,展現非凡光芒!

THEO FLORAL is a premier custom floral design company founded by florist Theodore, who believes that fresh-cut flowers are emotionally expressive and convey deep feelings. 

Inspired by the genuine touching stories, each flower arrangement speaks the language of heart, like an unforgettable refrain. 

The distinctively refreshing Theo’s Style and his great sense of colour bring a magical touch to each piece, showcasing a perfect space design and the art of layering. Each masterpiece has a hypnotic and heady aura, magnifying unexpected sensations.

Background of THEO FLORAL